7 tips to relieve your feet


Good foot health is essential to well-being. There’s nothing worse than foot pain that ruins a good time.

Surprisingly, feet are often abused and neglected.

Yet, these limbs must support our weight all day long and deserve special attention. Here are 7 tips to relieve and rest your little feet!

1- Proper shoes

This tip may seem logical, but many people don’t apply it. Yet, bad shoes can be the cause of many foot and back problems, including plantar fasciitis.

So start by examining your footwear, and save heeled, pointed, tight, thin-soled shoes for those occasions when you don’t have to walk much.

If you walk to work, choose quality sneakers and carry your dress shoes in your bag.

If the soles of your shoes are very thin, consider adding a sole to the inside of your shoe for extra cushioning.

Finally, choose shoes that allow your feet to breathe, for example with a ventilation system. Beware of waterproof hiking boots, which are not recommended in hot climates!

2- Hot baths

Even with good shoes, it is normal to have tired feet after a long day, especially if you work on your feet. A simple bath in warm water can give you relief, for example in a tub.

Add Epson salt, rose petals, a few drops of mint essential oil, sage, or even two aspirin tablets.

You can also save the rice cooking water and add three spoonfuls of yeast or baking soda, for a highly effective footbath!

3- Massages

Unlike other parts of the body, it is relatively easy to massage your feet.

You can use moisturizing creams with mint or honey for added relief. If your feet are very dry, petroleum jelly is also very effective.

No special technique is required, but it is recommended to use circular motions. After the massage, let the cream penetrate and place your feet high up, for example on a footstool.

4- Massage socks

Massages are great, but you probably don’t have time to do several a day!

The good news is that you can massage your feet continuously without even touching them. How magical is that? All you need is a pair of gel massage socks.

Thanks to the medical silicone, your heels will be comfortable and moisturized all day long. And best of all, these socks also help prevent plantar fasciitis and lower back pain!

5- Barefoot walking

This is a little-known trick, yet it’s incredibly effective. And you won’t need anything! All you have to do is walk barefoot for half an hour a day, if possible on the grass or in the sand.

In addition to the benefits for your feet, you will appreciate the liberating effect of this practice, which is widespread in certain regions of the world such as Polynesia. If that’s not the foot!

6- Exercises

Don’t stop there and keep working your feet with exercises. If you don’t have any props, you can make circles with your feet and ankles.

Try standing on your toes for a few seconds and holding your legs upright against a wall.

You can also try moving small objects with your toes, and rolling a glass bottle on a towel with the soles of your feet. There are also specific props like spiked balls.

7- Plantar yoga

Yoga applies to the whole body, and your beloved feet are not excluded. If you already practice yoga, you can incorporate plantar yoga techniques into your routine.

This tip is especially effective if your feet are regularly swollen.

Also, if you suffer from water retention problems, you can use yoga for heavy legs.

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