How do I use baking soda?

2-To neutralize odors and absorb moisture

Déodorant, Spray, Parfum, Hygiène, Arôme, Hommes

Do you tend to sweat… too much, or even too much? The good news, sodium bicarbonate neutralizes the bacteria that cause bad odors, without any risk of allergies since the powder is hypoallergenic. Use it as a natural deodorant by sprinkling directly underarms to absorb perspiration. If your odor problem is more likely to be foot odor, start by sprinkling the bicarbonate inside your shoes, leave it on for several hours and then remove the rest. As a base treatment, dilute a glass of baking soda in a liter of warm water and treat yourself to a soothing foot bath for 10 minutes. And in case of emergency, sprinkle directly on the skin of the feet or any other perspiring area, like talcum powder!