10 tips for keeping a clean house with pets


Having pets is a real pleasure, but their presence creates several constraints!

So how can you enjoy your pets without giving up the comfort of a clean house?

Indeed, no matter how much we rave about a cute little kitten or dog, animals are usually very good at making a mess in a well-organized house.

These 10 tips for keeping a clean house with pets can certainly help!

1-Avoid rugs

Carpets are tough areas to clean.

As luck would have it, it’s also a place where pets love to sit and leave their smells or little surprises…

In addition, carpets often contain plastic, which makes them very sensitive to odor absorption.

It is, therefore, best to get rid of carpets in the rooms where your pets spend time and instead keep floors or tiles that are easy to clean!

2 – Brush and wash

The biggest cleanliness problem often encountered by dog or cat owners is shedding.

Pets shed hair everywhere and leave it embedded on the floor and all textiles.

To limit this problem, wash your pets regularly and get into the habit of brushing them every day (if possible outside) to get all the hair on the brush!

3 – Protect the ground

Use old towels or sheets to create a resting place for your pet.

Not only will this teach the pet to only sleep where those sheets are, but then it will be very easy for you to shake out the cloths daily to remove hair and run them through the machine regularly to remove bad odors.

4 – Vacuuming

Between the hair, the dirt brought back by dirty paws and all the little dirt that clings to the coat of our animal friends, it is often the cleanliness of the floors that takes a hit.

To keep your home clean, it’s best to get a good vacuum cleaner and use it several times a week!

5 – Watch out for paws

After the walk, dogs’ paws can come back very dirty, regardless of the weather.

Get into the habit of preparing a bowl of water and a dry cloth by the door.

When you return, dip each of the dog’s paws in the bowl and then wipe them with the cloth before letting him in the house!

6 – Maintain the claws

Nails can do a lot of damage!

For dogs, they require regular maintenance so you don’t end up with completely scratched floors.

For cats, you or your vet can also file the claws regularly, but you can also think about installing a scratching post so that the cat can claw naturally!

7 – Use a set under the bowl

We use placemats on our tables, why not on the pets?

Place a mat under the bowl so you can quickly clean up any small splashes or crumbs around the bowl.

In addition, it is possible to find really pretty placemats in the shops that will add a touch to the decoration of your kitchen!

8 – Set limits

Don’t be afraid to set boundaries, especially if you have more than one pet at home.

Not every room needs to be accessible to our four-legged friends, or the cleaning will never end!

Limit their playground to one or two rooms to keep the mess and odors at bay!

9 – Clean the air

The danger with animals is that it is possible to get used to the little bad smells they emit very quickly.

In order not to live unconsciously in a house that does not necessarily smell very good, circulate the air as much as possible by airing, using air fresheners, or even scented candles!

10 – Buy machine-washable textiles

Both cats and dogs love to be comfortable and climb into chairs and sofas. Plus, fabrics absorb a lot of odor!

Whether it’s for cushions, tablecloths, curtains, armchair covers, … always choose machine-washable fabrics.

This tip will save you a lot of time and will allow your living room to keep a fresh smell!

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