14 Surprising Ways Your Dog Says I Love You

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Research has proven that dogs have brain structures similar to those of human beings and can thus show emotions. Well, if you have always wondered why dogs are man’s best friends, there you have it. For the centuries that dogs and human beings have lived together, people have formulated ways on how to read the emotions of their dogs. One of the most common ways is how dogs wag their tails and give us persuasive looks whenever they want a pat on the back or a treat. Most of the time, dogs want to tell you that they love you. And since they can’t talk, here are ways that dogs say I love you.

1. Passionately Gazing into Your Eyes

Dogs love their owners especially if you have been living together for a while. And one of the ways that they show their love is by passionately gazing into your eyes. This is a human-like form of communication that dogs have embraced over the years. When you have been away from your furry friend for a while, when you get home, they will look deep into your eyes an indication that they love you.

2. Offering You His/Her Favourite Belonging

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Another way that shows a dog loves people is if they share with them their favourite belongings. This can be a toy or even a treat. Dogs have a wolf instinct where they share their best belongings with members of their pack. So, if your dog brings you his/her favourite toy that means that they consider you a member of their pack.

3. Certain Facial Expressions

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If you are a dog person, then you are probably aware of the numerous facial expressions shown by dogs. Similar to humans, dogs will show these facial expressions depending on the situation. When scared or terrified you will see it on their faces. But, when they love you, you will also see a difference in facial expressions such as lifting and wiggling eyebrows.

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