+12 Super foods For A Healthier Heart

Eat These Foods To Clean Your Arteries and Protect Yourself From Heart Attacks, Naturally

Are you searching for an alternative but nutritious way to win your battle against heart disease? Or maybe you just want to have an all new improved diet with some superfoods that are not only healthy but also delicious. Well, this is the right place for you. All it takes is for you to change your diet and develop some healthy habits. We’ve searched through the internet to give you the right information on which superfoods are perfect for you to jump-start your new and healthy diet.

1. Olives : Good Food


This delicious snack not only has a nice, salty and spicy taste that will satisfy anyone, but are also heart healthy. Use them to add flavor to your favorite pizza, salad, or pasta. They are especially healthy for you because they are filled with monounsaturated fat, nutrients, and oxidants. These three things come together to help prevent heart disease, weight gain, and help your cholesterol.

2. Chicken


This is a protein source that can be prepared in several ways–grilled, roasted, fried, baked, and stir fried. It also fits most other dishes, beyond breakfast and desserts, so it is a very versatile food source. Its health benefits come from the fact that of all meat sources, it is the leanest source you can consume. Because of this it also contains less cholesterol and saturated fat than red meat does. For those who worry about their health, this is a popular protein source.

3. Beets Red Food


While not often thought of as fruit, let alone superfruits–beets are full of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. They also contain B vitamin folate and a plant alkaline called betaine. Not only are beets delicious, colorful, and crunchy, they reduce homocysteine levels in your blood, which reduces a person’s risk for heart disease. Beets also strengthen your organs and can help prevent other diseases like cancer.

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